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21. Please select any health problems(we do not turn away pugs due to health problems)
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22. If you answered Cancer or other, please give some additional information.
23. Please select any behavior problems(We do not turn away Pugs due to behavior problems.)
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24. Please describe behavior problems
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27. Is your pug crate trained? Where does your pug stay when you are not at home?
28. To help with your pug's transition, please tell us about his or her daily routine. Any special likes or dislikes?
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35. We can take the dog into rescue much more quickly if you are able to provide some transportation assistance. Are you able and willing to help by meeting our volunteer part of the way? *
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36. We will work quickly to take your pug into foster care but your flexibility is greatly appreciated. Please indicate how urgently you need to place the dog in foster care. Your response to the item below is only a guide that will help us prioritize your needs. Please remember we use Volunteer foster homes and how quickly placement into rescue is based on availability of an open Foster home at the time of your request. Pure bred pugs will take priority over pug-mixes because the majority of our adopters want a pure bred pug when they come to us. When our foster homes are full, the wait time for a pug mix could be 60-90 days. *
  • Emergency
  • 1-2 Weeks
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37. If you are able to help with transport, how far are you willing to travel? *
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40. By selecting Agree, you signify that you understand the following: It may take up to 48 hours for a volunteer to contact you. DFWPRC is staffed exclusively by volunteers. Every effort is made to transition pugs into foster care as quickly as possible but we ask your patience and flexibility as we work to make suitable arrangements for your pug. To minimize the impact of transition, Vet records and current medications are essential in ensuring that the pug receives proper medical care. Please make arrangements to obtain a copy of these records from your vet. Please be aware that upon selecting agree and surrendering the pug to a DFWPRC volunteer or to a DFWPRC vet clinic, you are granting DFWPRC legal ownership of the pug. *
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