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DVD's (don't forget a copy for the grandparents!) - $20 - Please indicate how many Recital DVD's you are ordering:
Complete hair and makeup (performance bun and makeup according to the guidelines in the recital handbook) is required for Pictures, Rehearsal and Recital. SALON service ($12) is complete hair and makeup (stage ready). Please indicate the number of SALON appointments you will need:
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  • Dance Recital
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FLOWER BOUQUET - $15 - Surprise your dancer with a flower bouquet! Please indicate how many Flower Bouquets you are ordering:
BALLOON – $3 - 18” Mylar – choose from 18 different balloons (see below for choices) Please indicate how many Balloons you are ordering:
Please indicate which balloon #'s you are ordering (see link on website or bottom of email for choices) leave blank if none. #4 & #10 are SOLD OUT.
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Please let us know if you have special instructions concerning your balloon order - for example: quantities or which balloon # is for which child - etc...
EXTRA TIGHTS – $5 An emergency pair in case there’s a tear! Please indicate how many Extra Tights you are ordering:
In the box below please indicate the color(s) and size(s) of the extra tight(s) you are ordering. (if you do not know don't worry - we do! simply type your child's name(s) and class day/time in the box below)
2021 RECITAL PACK - $35 - Includes the following 4 items: DVD, Flower Bouquet, Balloon, and Tights! **BEST VALUE - SAVE $8! Please indicate how many Recital Packs you are ordering:
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