Laurie Marks Vincent :: Booking Confirmation
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14. How will Laurie be ministering during your event? Check all that apply or include the details in your event description: *
  • Church Service
  • Music Package
  • Music mixed with testimony
  • Music Package followed with Message on a faith topic
  • Speaking Only
  • Concert
  • Outdoor Festival
  • Banquet
  • Conference
  • Other
15. At the event please indicate the number of session(s) and length of each session: *
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19. Final goal or desired end results of your event as to how it relates to the purpose of your event: *
20. Indicate if you wish Laurie to include any of the following as the Lord leads her: *
  • closing prayer
  • salvation message
  • time of prayer/altar call
  • Other
21. Describe "Other": (optional)
22. Is this a ticketed event?: *
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23. It is essential that the sound engineer faces in front of the stage (not running sound from the side) and that Laurie meet with an EXPERIENCED sound engineer, who is knowledgeable with your equipment to do a sound check at least 45 minutes prior to the start of the event. What time will your sound engineer be available? *
24. Assigned Sound Engineer's name: (optional)
25. MEALS: Please Note: It is very helpful if a meal could be provided if Laurie is arriving or departing around meal time before or after an event, rather than stopping to *
  • At time of arrival
  • At time of departure
  • all meals inclusive
26. ACCOMMODATIONS: Regarding accommodations for Laurie and her husband Scott, or another ministry staff member; When travelling GREATER than 2 hours after an evening event, or prior to a morning event, it is essential that we discuss accommodation needs. Please enter details here or indicate "not necessary": *
27. TRAVEL: Please be aware that a gas allowance and/or travel expenses is required for ALL engagements, including fund raisers and charity events. (outside the city of London ON) -- Is this a Charity or Fundraising Event? *
  • yes
  • no
28. The financial arrangement for this event is: (Check all that apply) *
  • love offering
  • honorarium plus offering
  • honorarium
  • agreed fee
  • portion of ticketed sales
  • mileage/travel expanses
  • gas allowance
  • other arrangement
29. What is the agreed fee or honorarium?: This is required for income tax purposes and can't be left blank. *
30. Our mileage rate is about .52 /km. Please indicate the agreed mileage rate or travel arrangements: *
31. Please check the following that you are able to provide: *
  • room to vocally warm up and pray prior to the event
  • bottled water at room temperature with drinking glass
  • 6 ft. long merchandise table in the flow of traffic
  • CD player through sound system
  • microphone
  • hand held wireless mic
  • 1 or 2 stage audio monitors (speakers)
  • power point
  • DVD
32. Notes concerning technical supplies listed above:
33. I understand that I will make the cheque payable to Laurie Marks Vincent: *
  • yes
  • no
34. Name of booking representative or person you spoke with to make these arrangements: *