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Adoption Application: Compassionate Pet Sanctuary, Inc. - Central Valley Division
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1. Adoption Application For *
  • Cat
  • Dog
2. Name of Adoptable Pet *
3. Adoption Applicant Full Name (First, Middle Initial, Last) *
4. Address *
5. City, State, & Zip Code *
6. Best Contact Phone # (xxx) xxx-xxxx *
7. Type of Phone # Above (Select One) *
8. Email Address *
9. How long have you been looking for a new pet? *
10. Why do you want to adopt a new pet? *
11. I live in a... *
12. If "Other" selected above, please explain
13. I currently... *
14. If "Rent" selected above, please provide Landlord Name & Phone #
15. If I move, I would do the following with my pet(s) *
16. Name of other adults in household
17. Names of children living in house hold & age(s)
18. Describe the area & street where you live *
19. Current Pets - please provide the following information about each of your current pets... (1) Name; (2) Type; (3) Breed; (4) Age; (5) % of Time Spent Indoors (6) % of Time Spent Outdoors; (7) How long have you had this pet?; (8) Is the pet spayed/neutered? (9) Is the pet up to date on shots?
20. If you have ever lost a pet at an early age or due to an accident or illness, please let us know what happened.
21. Have you ever given up a pet? *
22. If "Yes" above, where did your pet end up?
23. If "Other" above, please explain.
24. Do you have a current vet? *
25. If “Yes” above, Veterinarian Name & City:
26. Are you financially able and willing to provide annual checkups & vaccinations? *
27. Would you be able to provide emergency veterinary care for the new pet if needed? *
28. What percentage (%) of time will your new pet spend INDOORS? *
29. What percentage (%) of time will your new pet spend OUTDOORS? *
30. When outside will your pet be (check all that apply)
  • Supervised
  • Unattended sometimes
  • Unattended most of the time
  • In an enclosure (example: dog run/catio)
  • In a fenced yard
  • Have a collar w/ an ID tag on
31. If your new pet gets lost, what would you do? *
32. How long are you willing to allow the new pet to adjust to their new home? *
33. What would you do if your new pet does not get along with your present companion animal(s)? *
34. *** IF LOOKING TO ADOPT A CAT *** Do you know what declawing is?
35. *** IF LOOKING TO ADOPT A CAT *** Do you believe in declawing?
36. Will you be able to make arrangements for your pet when you travel? *
37. A cat/dog can be expected to live 10 to 20 years. Are you willing to make a lifetime commitment to this pet? *
38. By typing my name & the date below, I acknowledge that all information on this form is true and correct. I understand that any misrepresentation of fact ma result in Compassionate Pets refusing adoption privileges to me. I authorize Compassionate Pets to contact all Veterinarians listed on this application and my landlord if applicable. If my request for adoption is approved and later Compassionate Pets discovers above information is not true or correct, Compassionate Pets reserves the right to remove the adopted animal from my home and from my care. *