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6. Complete hair and makeup (according to the guidelines we provide) is required for Pictures, Rehearsal and Recital. SALON service ($15) is complete hair and makeup (stage ready). Please indicate the number of SALON appointments you will need:
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  • Picture Day #1 (April 29)
  • Picture Day #2 (April 30)
  • Dress Rehearsal (May 12)
  • Dance Recital (May 13)
8. If you are singing up for Dance Recital SALON, please indicate the SHOW(S) you are making appointments for:
  • SHOW #1 (May 13 - 11AM)
  • SHOW #2 (May 13 - 2PM)
9. Please let us know if you are signing up more than one child for SALON or have any other special instructions:
10. In order to plan and prepare to operate our Hair and Makeup SALON, the funds from appointments made are used to purchase supplies and hire staff. Hence, there are no refunds for these pre-paid services.
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