AGD Adoption Application
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7. Employer
8. Do you rent
9. Is there a pet policy
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12. Is anyone home during the day?
13. How many hours daily will the pet be left alone?
14. Where will pet be when no one is at home?
15. Is shelter provided for outside?
16. Do you have a fenced yard?
17. Type and height of fence
18. Are you aware of the need for heart worm prevention?
19. Please list breed and ages of current pets
20. Are current pets spayed/neutered?
21. Are pets current on vaccinations?
22. Are pets current on heart worm prevention?
23. Name and contact for veterinarian
24. Are you aware that adjustment periods can take up to two months?
25. Are you aware that pets can have behavior problems?
26. Do you have the time, responsibility and resources to give proper care and guidance to ensure a happy and healthy pet for its lifetime?
27. Are you willing to submit to a representative from ADG doing a home visit prior to finalization of adoption?
28. Personal reference #1 Name,phone contact and relationship to you
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